Theophrastus Award for Łukasz Bożycki

Łukasz Bożycki, a PhD student in the Laboratory of Biochemistry of Lipids received the Theophrastus Award for the best popular science psychological book of the year. The award was established and awarded by the editors of the magazine "Characters" under the patronage of the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences prof. Jerzy Duszyński.


Animal Rationale. Jak zwierzęta mogą nas inspirować? Rodzina, edukacja, biznes.” Polish Scientific Publishers PWN, is an illustrated, moving guide. It shows that the inspiration to change for the better, we can also find in the world of nature. Łukasz Bożycki, a naturalist and award-winning wildlife photographer, describes the unusual behavior of animals that pose a psychologist, Paweł Fortuna, the starting point of searching of inspiration for man.


"Every brick building the consciousness of people, everything what they have and what they seem to think is strictly human resutling in nature and evolution, and thanks to this  nature they can learn a lot and draw inspiration from it, opening peoples' eyes and forcing them to change their views of the world . This book, which combines knowledge of biology and psychology is that very building block. It is not easy to write a good book that popularizes scientific knowledge in a very good, affordable style "- said in a eulogy PhD. Maciej Trojan, a professor at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun.


Date of publication
18 January 2017