To be, or not to be… in the media

The participants learned how to conscisely and clearly express their thoughts, how to keep emotions under control and, most importantly, how to interest the audience. They also spoke of what to pay particular attention to, as well as how to speak passionately on difficult scientific problems.

10.15-11.15 Jarosław Chrostowski – Scientific press info – the simplest method for better science
Jarosław Chrostowski, science journalist specializing in the promotion of Polish scientific achievements

11.30-13.00 Wiktor Niedzicki – How to ruin your presentation
Red. Wiktor Niedzicki, radio and TV journalist, author of the "Laboratorium” show.

13.15-15.00 Artur Wolski – The Radio Science Theatre – is it possible?
Red. Artur Wolski, Polish Radio 1 commentator, specializing in the popularization of science

We recommend a book written by Wiktor Niedzicki entitled Art of presentation in science, business, politics
You can buy the book in Poltext publishing house
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Date of publication
28 November 2013