Tomasz Janecki – the new Chead of Nencki Institute Hydrobiological Station in Mikołajki

On 1 September, 2015, dr Tomasz Janecki, polar explorer, hydrobiologist, hydrocele, scuba diver, was appointed to the position of the Chead of Nencki Institute Hydrobiological Station in Mikołajki

After graduating from the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw (1995), he worked in the Department of Hydrobiology in a team led by prof. Maciej Gliwicz, involved in chemoreception in a predator-prey system and the impact of chemical information on the distribution and migration of fish. In 1997 he began working in the Department of Antarctic Biology PAS, where under the guidance of prof. Stanislaw Rakusa-Suszczewski for more than 14 years he studied an ecology of the benthic communities and the issues trofochemoreception in the Antarctic marine environment. The object of his research was the Antarctic (but also the Arctic) benthic invertebrates, mainly crustaceans and echinoderms. He was a member of six Polish Antarctic Expeditions, twice overwintered in "Arctowski" Station. In total he spent in Antarctica for more than 40 months, and almost half a year in polar voyages. He also worked in the Arctic, at Spitsbergen as a member of the Russian Glaciological Expedition RAS and as a member of the XXX Expeditions to the Polish Polar Station in Hornsund (summer group). By 2011, he served as Deputy Director of the DAB PAS and for many years was Polish representative in COMNAP (Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs). In 2011-2015, he worked in the Wigry National Park in the Laboratory of Science and Education.

Date of publication
1 September 2015