Wanda and Andrzej Szczepańscy Avenue in Mikołajki

On 6th June, 2015, at the Nencki Institute Hydrobiological Station in Mikolajki the naming ceremony of Wanda and Andrzej Szczepańscy Avenue was held. Professor Andrzej Szczepański and Dr Wanda Szczepańska were the organizers of the Hydrobiological Station. They came to Mikołajki in September 1951 and devoted their lives to the research of Mazurian lakes.


The ceremony was attended, among others, by Professor Stefan Malepszy, Chair of the Council of Provosts of the Second Department for Biological and Agricultural Sciences PAS, and the members of the Department II: professors Z. Maciej Gliwicz, Lech Wojtczak and Leszek Kuźnicki. The Warsaw University was represented by prof. Joanna Pijanowska, Head of the Department of Hydrobiology, Faculty of Biology, and Grzegorz Górecki, Head of the Faculty of Biology Field Station. From the University of Warmia and Mazury dr Marek Kruk, Head of the Department of Applied Ecology also came.


Mikołajki City Hall was represented by Mr. Sławomir Gawliński, Chairman of the City Council, and the Secretary of the Commune, Mrs. Joanna Wrobel. The ceremony was attended by Maskulińskie Forest District Forest Manager Mr Hubert Donderowicz, Mikołajki forester Mr. Daniel Szyszuk, Vice President of the Local Action Group Mazurian Sea, Mrs. Małgorzata Bigda and Mazurian Landscape Park was represented by Mrs. Alicja Kruszelnicka, Deputy Director of the Park.


The Nencki Institute was represented by the Directores: prof. Adam Szewczyk, Director of the Institute, Prof. Hanna Fabczak, Deputy director for scientific research, and Dr. Anna Jachner-Miśkiewicz, Administrative director. Hydrobiological station in Mikołajki was represented by prof. Jolanta Ejsmont-Karabin, Station Manager, Irena Sawicka, Deputy Administrative Manager, and employees of the station.


The ceremony was attended by Szczepańscy immediate family, sons Mark and Peter with their families.


Date of publication
12 June 2015