XV Science Festival at the Nencki Institute

For this year’s edition of the Festival Nencki employees prepared exceptionally diverse and attractive program. A series of lectures was run under the YOUTH CLUB to enrich biological knowledge of high school students who are planning to seek expanded high school certificate in biology:

Principles of transcription regulation in Eukaryotic genomes? – B. Kamińska-Kaczmarek
Structure and function of proteins – from genome to proteome and beyond – S. Pikuła
Contribution of Nobel prize winners to the advances in bio-medical research – E. Wyroba
Mechanism of regulation of cellular metabolism – R. Jarzyna (guest UW)

Under the THEMATIC CLUBS, lecturers presented a series of talks with a common title TAKE CARE OF HEALTH
Why diabetes is a 21st century disease?– A. Dobrzyń
Scientific tips for the healthy brain – R. K. Filipkowski
Can we live healthier and longer? – G. Mosieniak
In healthy skin – healthy person – T. Wilanowski

All lectures were very popular. Because of a large number of participants attending the lectures, they took place in both conference rooms at Nencki. A videoconferencing system enabled everyone to participate in the presentations and take part in the discussion.

As before Nencki PhD students have organized WEEKEND MEETINGS under a title „ What is there in our head?”. It covered lecture (Ewa Godzińska – Social insects: surprises and enigmas), workshop (Neurobiological lab secrets) and Bio Preschool enthusiastically received by parents and children.

Anna Wasik was the coordinator and the organizer of the 15th Science Festival at the Nencki Institute.

More information: www.festiwalnauki.edu.pl

Date of publication
13 September 2011