18. Scientific Picnic-The Nencki Institute tent visited by 6000 guests

The 18. Scientific Picnic of Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre was held on May 31th, 2014. This year’s motto was: TIME. As every year more than 200 scientific institutions from Poland and abroad presented various science demonstrations. Nencki’ PhD students at tent A45 presented two demonstrations: BRAIN ON TIME and LITTLE CHEMIST TODAY AND TOMORROW - HOW TO MAKE MAGIC POTIONS NOW? The tent was visited by more than  6000 (!!!!) guests. All participants who visited the 18. Picnic - organisers, hosts and guests promised to return next year. Nencki Institute events were organized with funding from the project Bio-IMAGmaging in research and Education INovation (BIO-IMAGINE).

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We debunk the every day myth, saying that at a certain stage of life the number of cells in the brain can only decrease and that neurogenesis, the formation of new nerve cells, does not occur in adults. Many studies have shown that the adult brain consists of low amounts of neural stem cells, which can later form new mature neurons. Participants will be given a chance to learn the history of this discovery, the latest scheme of neurons formation proposed by scientists and learn how neurogenesis in prenatal development, creates the foundation for all other changes in the physiology and function of the brain. During the show the participants will create a simple model of the brain at an early stage of development, from elements given in workspace and will learn in which brain structures these elements will be transformed with time.



Workspace prepared for children will imitate a real, modern laboratory and kids will be given a unique opportunity to transform themselves into real-life experimental biologists and chemists. On-site various objects used by scientists in experiments (the cylinder, pipette, tweezers, tubes etc.) will be available. The experiment will involve mixing together colorful solutions (water + nontoxic paint) using the tools available in a real laboratory. Additional materials available on the workspace will include dry ice and liquid dishwashing detergent. As a result solutions will be foaming and steaming. All the experiments will be carried out under the supervision of the organizer.

Date of publication
27 May 2014