Another Fulbright scholar at the Nencki Institute

Marek Dominick Zorawski, a graduate of Pomona College (Claremont, California, USA), received a prestigious scholarship from the Fulbright Commission. US Student Research Award is a scholarship for American citizens to carry out research at the best Polish Universities and research centers.

Pomona College is one of the most acclaimed American colleges. In Forbes America's Top Colleges 2015 ranking, it was given the 1st place, ahead of world-famous universities such as Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Marek was one of the best students at Pomona College.

In the Nencki Institute, Marek conducts his research in the Laboratory of Signal Transduction, under the supervision of Dr. Ewa Krzywinska and of the laboratory head, Dr. Tomasz Wilanowski. These studies concern the role of proteins from the Grainyhead-like family in cancer.

27 January 2017