BIO-FILM at the Nencki Institute

On May 26, 2014, the Nencki Institute will present the next in a series of screenings of nature films under the BIO-FILM project. During this session we will show the British movie "Born to Fly” More information:

This film directed by Jo Stewart-Smith, (photo Toby Hough). This film won the Prize for the best photos during the 15 International Wlodzimierz Puchalski Festival of Nature Films in Lodz.

Born to Fly

We are following the Common Cranes – one of the most important bird species in the world, in their journey south. From the Arctic, across Europe, to the sun-drenched forests of Spain and Portugal. It is a story of intelligent birds with an incredible ability to adapt to the constantly changing surrounding world. These birds disappeared from Britain for over 400 years, but have lately reappeared on the British coasts as a symbol of hope for nature lovers.

Merck is the media patron of the BIO-FILM project.

Date of publication
20 May 2014