Dr. Artur Czupryn and the REGENNOVA consortium awarded with a “Strategmed” grant from NCBR

Dr. Artur Czupryn and the REGENNOVA consortium (Pharmacological Stimulation of Endogenous Regeneration) have been awarded in the first edition of the scientific competition “Prevention practices and treatment of civilization diseases – STRATEGMED” at the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR). Beside the research team from the Nencki Institute, the consortium consists of research groups from the Faculty of Chemistry at University of Gdańsk, Medical University of Gdańsk, Faculty of Chemistry at Gdańsk University of Technology, MedVentures from Poznań, and Pro-Science Polska from Gdynia.

Their research project entitled "Novel technologies for pharmacological stimulation of regeneration" focuses on activation of progenitor cells, tissue-specific stem cells, in repair processes occurring during tissue/organ disfunctions. The consortium will investigate experimental approaches for activation of endogenous stem cells residing in the body as well as transplanted (exogenous) progenitors, e.g. in the repair therapies of the central nervous system.

The project has an interdisciplinary aspect, it combines chemical synthesis, molecular diagnostics and biotechnology, tests on cell and tissue cultures, and preclinical investigations. The cutting-edge delivery methods will potentially play a critical role in effective regenerative responses. The biological activity of prospective pro-regeneration compounds will be examined using animal tests supported by in vitro assays for proliferation, migration, and differentiation of stem cells.

Date of publication
23 June 2014