MRI scanner Siemens Magnetom TRIO 3T

LOBI team may support you with planning and execution of your studies in the following areas:
• Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)
• Pattern Recognition and Multivariate methods for fMRI analysis
• Voxel-Based Morphometry
• Voxel-based Lesion Symptom Mapping
• Resting-State fMRI
• T1, T2, T2* quantitative parametric mapping
• Diffusion weighted imaging (up to 256 directions, b≤10 000 s/mm2)
• Single voxel proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy
• MEGA-PRESS spectroscopy (concentrations of neurotransmitters: GABA and glutamate)

LOBI is a research and development entity and does not provide diagnostic services.


32-channel head coil compatible with iPAT and Multiband (32-Channel Head)
12-channel head coil compatible with iPAT (Head Matrix)
Circular polarized transmit/receive coil for spectroscopy (Tx/Rx CP Head)
BOLDscreen 32 (link:
MR CONFON/BOLDfonic headphones system (link:
Smit-lab Wireless Response Pads and Ergo Pads (link:
Neuro Device Tacti ™ adjusted for Braille alphabet presentation (link:
BrainAmp ExG MR with auxiliary sensors: GSR Sensor MR, Respiration Belt MR (link:
Mock scanner

Form of cooperation:
Scanner usage with assistance, hourly rate. Time-slots should be agreed in advance, individual pricing for larger projects.

Artur Marchewka, Phd, Associate Prof.
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