Grants for Popularization of Science for the Nenki Institute

Science popularization projects: "Biology without mysteries - the greatest discoveries in biology," prepared by the Science Popularization Team at the Nencki Institute, and "Brain Week for a whole year - 2022," proposed by the Marceli Nencki Foundation for the Support of Biological Sciences, received funding under the Ministry of Education and Science - Social Responsibility of Science Program.

Within the framework of the project "Biology without mysteries - the greatest discoveries in biology", lessons for children and teenagers are planned, as well as a series of "Scientifreak" podcasts ( In addition, two annual Symposia for Biology Teachers will be organized.

The goal of the "Brain Week for a Whole Year - 2022" project is to disseminate knowledge about the brain and nervous system and to draw public attention to issues related to its normal and pathological functioning.

The “Brain Week for a whole year” events will be made available on the website of the Foundation and the Nencki Institute, as well as on social media:

We cordially invite you to participate in the organized events!

Date of publication
14 October 2022