About Animal House

The priority for the Animal House operating at the Nencki Institute is to maintain the welfare of animals used for research at the highest level, which is a guarantee of repeatability and reliability of the results obtained.

The Animal House is divided into 2 separate zones - breeding and experimental. The breeding section is located behind the sanitary barrier. In the experimental part there are 3 separated safety zones. All of them are taking into account microbiological purity and quality of research, which ensures the highest safety standards.

We breed mice (strains: C57Bl/6, BALB/c, FVB, 129SvHSD and 120 transgenic lines), rats (strains: Wistar, Long Evans, SD, WAG and 10 transgenic lines) and short-tailed opossums. We also make our infrastructure available to external entities and offer to purchase animals for research purposes.

The Nencki Institute is entered in the list of experimental units authorized to conduct experiments on animals (number in the register - 0005) and in the list of breeding units authorized to conduct breeding (number in the register -  007). The Institute is under the supervision of the District Veterinary Officer in Warsaw (number in the register - 146571002) and the Provincial Pharmaceutical Inspectorate in Warsaw (number in the register - 14656204).

The Institute has also a permit to lead the Department of Genetic Engineering, where the contained use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) belonging to the I and II of risk categories may be carried out (GMO 1 – decision no 73/2015, GMO 2 - decision no 48/2018).

When breeding laboratory animals, we apply the 5 freedoms of animal welfare:

- Freedom from hunger, thirst and malnutrition by providing access to fresh water and food.

- Freedom from trauma and pain by providing adequate shelter.

- Freedom from pain, wounds and diseases through prevention, quick diagnosis and treatment.

- Freedom to express natural behavior by providing adequate space, conditions and company for other animals of the same species.

- Freedom from fear and stress by providing care and treatment that does not cause psychological distress to animals.