Inventions from the Nencki Institute

The first invention was created by Andrzej Kubalski PhD and Piotr Koprowski PhD and it is a novel tool for identification of potential antibacterial compounds.

This invention is based on a high throughput screening method for substances that can activate or inhibit bacterial membrane channels. Unlike ordinary screening methods that detect inhibition of bacteria growth, this method identifies compounds that enhance the growth of special varieties of E.coli.

The authors of the second invention are Prof. Elżbieta Szeląg and Dr. Aneta Szymaszek. They have developed a special device and method to stimulate the mind of adults and children.

Their invention has possible therapeutic application in aphasia after stroke, delayed development of speech, dyslexia, age-related dementia, as well as other, non-therapeutic uses in learning foreign languages, learning to read and write, enhancing memory, concentration, awareness and multitasking abilities.

Scientists interested in patenting their results are encouraged to visit the Nencki Institute Innovation Platform.

Companies and institutions interested in implementation of those inventions are asked to contact the Office of International Cooperation and Project Management.

03 August 2010