Laboratory of Signal Transduction is currently looking for full-time post-doc

A position funded by the National Science Centre of Poland under project Opus: “Regulation of transcription of genes from the Grainyhead-like family in human cells, in the context of cancer” led by Dr. Tomasz Wilanowski – this is a research position and does not involve teaching duties. Studies conducted by us and other research teams have proven that all the proteins from the GRHL family are important in the formation and development of various types of cancer in humans and in animal models. They serve protective functions against cancer of the skin, breast, stomach, colon, liver, lung, kidney and other organs. The activity of these transcription factors is regulated at many stages, including the stage of their expression. Our preliminary results indicate that the presence of specific polymorphisms in the promoter or regulatory regions of the GRHL genes in human subjects may be associated with an increased risk of cancer. These polymorphisms may modify transcription factor binding sites, which in turn alters the regulation of expression of GRHL genes. The aim of the present project is to investigate transcription factors that regulate GRHL gene expression and explain how the occurrence of the above mentioned polymorphisms affects this regulation. More information about scientific details may be obtained directly from the project leader .



The candidate should meet the following criteria:

  1. Hold a PhD degree in Life Sciences or related discipline, awarded no more than 7 years before applying. This period does not include interruptions related to maternity leave, additional maternity leave, additional leave under the terms of maternity leave, paternity leave, parental leave or parental leave granted pursuant to the provisions of the Labor Law or periods of receiving sickness benefits or rehabilitation benefits due to disability, including illness that required medical rehabilitation.
  2. Experience in the fields of molecular biology or biochemistry. Knowledge of methods of analysis of transcription factors and/or methods of analysis of regulation of gene expression would be an additional advantage.
  3. Outstanding scientific record documented by the publication list.
  4. Be highly motivated towards scientific work as evidenced by scientific activity thus far (participation in conferences and courses, scholarships, grants, patents, prizes, awards, scientific collaboration, participation in scientific exchange with other institutions, etc.) and opinions of scientific supervisors.
  5. Fluency in English.



- cover letter addressed to the Director of the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology,

- scientific curriculum vitae with a list of publications and other achievements,

- copy of PhD diploma,

- opinions about the candidate issued by two independent researchers,

- contact information.





Dr Tomasz Wilanowski


Date of publication
19 January 2017