Leon Marchlewski Medal for prof. Jolanta Baranska

Prof. Czeslaw Cierniewski, the President of the Committee, outlined the most important steps of the Awardee’s scientific career, including her PhD studies at the Nencki Institute, a fellowship at the Harvard University and setting up the Laboratory of Signal Transduction at the Nencki Institute. Prof. Cierniewski drew attention to Prof. Baranska’s community service, especially Presidency of the Polish Biochemical Society and organization of the FEBS Congress in Warsaw.

Prof. Baranska developed her scientific career at the Nencki Institute in Warsaw. Initially, her main research interest was the metabolism of lipids, especially phosphatidylserine. In the 80s, when the concept of intracellular signaling was introduced, Prof. Baranska’s research enabled the discovery of association between lipid metabolism and endoplasmic reticulum dependent calcium signaling. Further research of Prof. Baranska was determined by the theory of the capacitative calcium entry and the role of metabotropic nucleotide receptors in intracellular calcium signal formation.

After the ceremony, prof. Baranska presented a lecture entitled „Phosphatidylserine synthesis and nucleotide receptors activity. The role of calcium signaling” in which she outlined the development of her scientific interests and main research achievements.

Date of publication
24 February 2011