Meeting of Euro-BioImaging Poland (National Imaging Centre for biological and biomedical sciences – NEBI)

The meeting was attended by over 30 representatives of partner and associated partner institutions of the NEBI infrastructure (NEuro-BioImaging Poland) as well as representatives of institutions and scientific communities highly interested in biological and medical imaging.
The meeting was held under the patronage of the Minister of Science and Higher Education Prof. Barbara Kudrycka. Dr. Jacek Gierliński gave a talk on behalf of the Ministry entitled Introductory remarks on participation of infrastructure projects from the Polish Roadmap in the ESRRI Pan-European initiatives. The meeting’s guest of honour was Dr. Jan Ellenberg, EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) coordinator of the Euro-BioImaging project and one of the world’s leading cell biologists. Dr. Ellenberg gave a talk entitled High Throughput Microscopy for Systems Biology – Euro-BioImaging: Biomedical Imaging Infrastructure for the Future of European Research.
The role of the Nencki Institute as the formal representative of the Polish biological and biomedical imaging research community in the Euro-BioImaging project was uniformly confirmed by the attending participants. The Euro-BioImaging project funded under the 7 UE FP: is currently in the preparatory phase. The goal of the project is to create a pan-European research infrastructure providing wide access to knowledge as well as biological and medical imaging technology in Europe.

Contact persons:
Coordinator: Prof. Adam Szewczyk
Project Manager: Dr. Marcin Szumowski
Project Office: Anna Sadlik

Date of publication
27 June 2011