Use of epigenetic inhibitor 1-(β-D-ribofuranosyol)-2(1H)-pyrimidinone (zebularine) for promoting wound healing, complex tissue and organ regeneration
Patent inventors: Paweł Sachadyn, Paweł Sosnowski, Piotr Sass, Justyna Podolak-Popinigis, Bartosz Górnikiewicz, Artur Czupryn, Łukasz Janus, Piotr, Mucha, Michał Pikuła, Arkadiusz Piotrowski, Piotr Skowron, Sylwia Rodziewicz-Motowidło

In one aspect, the present invention provides a composition comprising zebularine, a nucleotide inhibitor of DNA methyltransferase, optionally in combination with retinoic acid, and said composition for use in promoting complex tissue regeneration and wound healing in a subject. In another aspect the present invention provides zebularine as a therapeutic agent, optionally in combination with retinoic acid, for use in promoting regeneration and healing of wounds resulting from mechanical injuries and/or chemical injuries and/or burns and/or radiation injuries and/or surgical operations and/or other pathological conditions.

Nencki Institute is the co-applicant with University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk University of Technology, Medical University of Gdańsk, MedVentures Sp. z o. o. and ProScience Sp. z o. o. University of Gdańsk is the leader of patent protection and commercialization related activities.

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Application number:
P.423672 (30 Nov 2017), PCT/PL2018/000027 (16 Mar 2018), EP (16 Apr 2018)
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