PhD students from the Nencki Institute among the laureates of the ETIUDA competition

Among the laureates of the ETIUDA4 competition for PhD scholarships, announced by the NCN on 15th December, 2015, three students from the Nencki Institute were included:


- mgr Monika Riegel from the Laboratory of Brain Imaging headed by dr Artur Marchewka, with the project Neural mechanisms of associative memory of emotionally charged verbal material - the role of emotional congruency and basic emotions - behavioural and functional magnetic resonance study.


- mgr Ilona Kotlewska from the Laboratory of Psychophysiology, headed by prof. Anna Grabowska, with the project Neural correlates of processing the self-related information at present and in the past.


- mgr Anna Aneta Strzeszewska from the Laboratory of of Molecular Bases of Aging, headed by prof. Ewa Sikora, with the project Identification of the p53-independent signaling pathways leading to senescence of cancer cells.


Date of publication
11 July 2016