Pol-Swiss grant programme at the Nencki Institute

The Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, PAS was chosen to host a visit of the Swiss Secretary of State for Education, Research and Innovation, Mr. Mauro Dell’Ambrogio, the Swiss Ambassador to the Republic of Poland, Mr. Lukas Beglinger and the vice-minister of Infrastructure and Development of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Marceli Niezgoda accompanied by the deputy Director of the Department for Aid Programmes at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, Mr. Przemysław Derwich. The event was held on June, 10th 2015 and was dedicated to the Swiss Contribution Pol-Swiss grant programme. The presentations by the director of the Institute, Prof. Adam Szewczyk, the delegates of the National Information Processing Institute (OPI), Mrs. Izabela Erecińska and Mr. Marcin Langa and the holder of the Pol-Swiss grant entitled "Validation of tissue- and age-specific therapeutic intervention on synaptopathies relevant to autism spectrum disorders", Dr. Ewelina Knapska were followed by a visit to the laboratories of the Neurobiology Center. 

Date of publication
16 June 2015