Research Topics

The Nencki Institute hosts over 40 PIs including the most highly cited biology researchers in Poland. Our  priority is to excel in basic scientific research by maintaining the highest-quality scientific output in terms of created and disseminated knowledge that can be applied to broader societal needs to improve quality of life. Responding to the challenges of modern biology and medicine our scientific goals are focused on understanding animal and human physiology and pathology at all major levels of analysis: molecular, subcellular, cellular and the whole organism (systems).

Scientific Archievements

Nencki Institute started its activity in 1918 and is currently one of the largest non-university biological research centres in Poland. The Institute holds the highest A+ category, granted by the Committee for Evaluation of Scientific Units. Our scientists are highly effective in publishing in the best scientific journals and in raising external funds for scientific research. They also sit in the highest decision-making scientific bodies. The scientific achievements of the Institute are appreciated by scientific international bodies. Institute was selected by EMBL to settle here one of its International Research Agendas and by the Max Planck Society to host two Centres of Scientific Excellence.

International cooperation
International cooperation
The Nencki Institute has extensive international cooperation with academic and research centres around the world. This cooperation is implemented through traditional bilateral agreements as well as through direct scientific contacts. The deepened year by year cooperation with foreign scientific institutions result in the growing number of international research projects and publications.