A series of lectures was run under the YOUTH CLUB to enrich biological knowledge of high school students who are planning to seek expanded high school certificate in biology:

Dynamics of mitochondria – J. Szczepanowska
Cell cycle – E. Sikora
Secrets of cell structure – E. Wyroba, R. Bartosiewicz, H. B. Bilski
From a shrimp to a human being: social life of vertebrates and invertebrates – E. J. Godzińska

Under the THEMATIC CLUBS, lecturers from Nencki and their guest: Prof. Waldemar Szelenberger from the Department of Psychiatry of the Medical University of Warsaw presented a series of talks with a common title „OUR BRAIN”:

What does the brain see? – A. Wróbel
Can epilepsy be prevented? – K. Łukasiuk
Seeing thoughts: applying neuroimaging methods in psychology – A. Grabowska
Physiology of sleep – W. Szelenberger

All lectures were extremely popular. Because of a large number of participants attending the lectures, they took place in both conference rooms at Nencki. A videoconferencing system enabled everyone to participate in the presentations and take part in the discussion.

As before Nencki PhD students have organised WEEKEND MEETINGS under a title „There is fun – in the brain”. It covered short lectures and workshops:
Secrets of illusion (lecture)
A good day for a scientist – Feel what it’s like in the lab (workshop)
Bio Preschool, enthusiastically received by parents and children.

A total of 30 Nencki employees were involved in organising the 14th Science Festival. Our activities were attended by 860 people.

A pleasant and important ceremony took place during the Science Festival. Prof. Ewa J. Godzińska from Nencki was distinguished as „Media Friendly Scientist” by members of the Polish Science Journalists’ Association,

Date of publication
1 October 2010