Summer Holiday Brain Days at the Nencki Institute Hydrobiological Station in Mikołajki

Summer Holiday Brain Days, organized by Laboratory of Neuroplasticity at the Nencki Institute Hydrobiological Station in Mikołajki, took place  from July 21st to 22nd.  Dr Pawel Boguszewski talked about emotions and dr Katarzyna Jednorog gave a lecture on dyslexia. Workshops were run by young scientists from Laboratory of Neuroplasticity.

At the workshops the participants could examine microscopic sections of the brain and compare the brains of different species, test their own memory and attention, assemble and take apart  models of the brain, and discuss brain issues with lecturers and PhD students from The Nencki Institute. The youngest participants enjoyed coloring brain pictures, folding them into “brain caps”  and making neurons from plasticine.

26 July 2016