Symposium: “1st Nencki Symposium on: Jerzy Konorski contribution to modern neuroscience”

During many years of his work at the Nencki Institute, Jerzy Konorski formulated many of the ideas underlying heuristically fruitful programs in the 21st century neurobiology. The invited speakers presented several groundbreaking concepts put forth by Konorski, including neuronal plasticity, gnostic units, the balance between excitatory and inhibitory processes, conditioned type II responses (instrumental), all of which exerted long-lasting impact on contemporary neuroscience. Later, during Round Table reminiscences, friends and students shared their memories about Professor Jerzy Konorski, after whom the second floor lecture hall was named during the symposium. Detailed information about the meeting can be found at the newly established site

Date of publication
23 September 2013