The 21st Warsaw Science Festival at the Nencki Institute

The 21st edition of the Science Festival took place in Warsaw between 22nd September till 1st October, 2017. For this year’s edition Nencki researchers and PhD students prepared an interesting and rich program.

We participated in FESTIVAL DEBATES

7. In Memoriam prof. Jerzy Vetulani – prof. Przemysław Bieńkowski, prof. Dominika Dudek, prof. Małgorzata Kossut, dr Sławomir Murawiec, Prof. Janusz Rybkowski, 30.09.2017; godz. 17; The Old Libray Aula Hall, Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28


Under the YOUTH CLUB series high school students could attend lectures on biology, which greatly helped those students who are taking advanced biology for their high school exam:  17. Secrets of cell structure Prof. dr hab. Elżbieta Wyroba (25.09.2017r. godz. 16.00)

64. What does transcriptional regulation have in common with talking knots and hyperlinks? dr hab. Michał Dąbrowski (26.09.2017r. godz. 16.00)

128. Cell in motion dr hab. Paweł Pomorski (27.09.2017r. godz. 16.00)

184. Regulation of transcription dr hab. Tomasz Wilanowski (28.09.2016r. godz. 16.00)


The THEMATIC CLUBS offered a series of lecturers under the common title: LET'S LIVE HEALTHY

18. About psychiatric disorders, alcohol and mice dr hab. Katarzyna Radwańska (25.09.2016r. godz. 18.00)

65. Fake science and pseudomedicine – know your enemy dr Paweł Boguszewski (26.09.2017r. godz. 18.00)

129. Neurons in the war with time - how aging alters nervous system dr hab. Monika Liguz-Lęcznar (27.09.2017r. godz. 18.00)

185. The used brain is eternally young dr hab. Grażyna Niewiadomska (28.09.2017r. godz. 18.00)


The Nencki PhD students invited people who were interested in the NIGHT OF THE BIOLOGIST (244) (29.09. 17.00-22.00), during which guests watched the life of ants (Lab. of Ethology), got to know the phenomenon of fluorescence, learned how the neurons work, constructed brain models and learn about the functions of its structures. They also took part in a game of inquiry "Finding" of the lost rat".


During the 21st Science Festival Nencki Institute also took part in THE SCIENTIFIC WEEKEND WITH OCHOTA CAMPUS, organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw and the Department of Biology, University of Warsaw (Pasteur str. 7; 10.00-16.00). During the workshops Fun with the brain (263) participants prepared "magic potions", found out about neurons and brain and the way they work, as well as the phenomenon of fluorescence


The lectures and presentations were very popular. All the events were hosted by about 1000 people.


The lectures can be found on: YouTube


Nencki’s contribution to the 21st Science Festival was coordinated and supervised by Anna Wasik, the Nencki PhD students and Laboratory of Ethology.


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Date of publication
13 September 2017