The Brain Awareness Week 2011 in Warsaw

The Brain Awareness Week 2011 is initiated by the Polish Neuroscience Society and European Dana Alliance for the Brain (EDAB). The Nencki Institute, similarly as in previous years, has promoted this event in frames of BIO-IMAGINE project. Further support comes from Editorial Office of ”Polityka” and Committee on Neurobiology PAN, moreover, from web portals:,,, Wirtualna Polska, as well as magazines “Polityka” and “Świat Nauki”.

Brain Awareness Week is the annual, worldwide scientific event spreading the knowledge about the brain in norm and pathology. It is aimed at presentation for general public new results of studies focused on the neuroanatomy and functioning of the nervous system. In frames of this event lectures, workshops and presentations have been carried out. In this year lectures are delivered by the famous Polish scientists in areas of neuropsychology, neurology, audiology, psychiatry and neurophysiology. The lectures concentrate on important social topics, such as: neurorehabilitation after brain trauma and stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, auditory processing deficits, sexual disorders as well as new methods of nervous system treatment. All lectures are held at the Editorial Office of “Polityka”, Warsaw, 6 Słupecka Street, Entrance B at 5 p.m. Moreover, the “Scientist’s Day” at the Nencki Institute (Warsaw, 3 Pasteur Street) is scheduled on March 12. It provides an opportunity to familiarize children and adults with new methods of diagnosis and therapy of patients with language deficits following stroke or brain trauma, as well as of elderly adults with cognitive deficits. Some contests with rewards will be addressed the youngest participants.

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All above events are free. You all are welcome!

03 March 2011