The National Science Centre grants for the Nencki Institute

The National Science Centre has announced the ranking lists of projects approved for funding in the OPUS 26, SONATA 19 and MINIATURA 8 calls. Scientists from the Nencki Institute received financial support for 8 research projects:


dr hab. Adam Hamed – Investigating the neurobiological mechanisms of the anti-addictive effects of psychedelics
dr Piotr Michaluk – Role of Astrocytes in Chronic Stress Resilience
dr hab. Marzena Stefaniuk  - Inhibitory Functional Networks in Addiction Development within Social Context - a Missing Piece of Puzzle
prof. dr hab. Adam Szewczyk - Targeting mitochondrial potassium channels to regulate cellular senescence



dr Katarzyna Ciuba  - Evolution and function of astrocytic extracellular vesicles
dr hab. Aleksandra Herman - When body-brain communication goes awry: Investigating decision-making in nociplastic pain
dr Ahmad Salamian - dArc side of amygdala: a role of Arc in amygdala development and alcohol use disorder (AUD)



dr Pilar Rodriguez Viso - Human 3D airway epithelial cell culture models to study host-microbiota interactions

Date of publication
27 May 2024