The Nencki Institute at the 20. Scientific Picnic of Polish Radio and the Copernicuse Science Centre

The 20. Scientific Picnic of Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre was held at the National Stadium on May 7th, 2016. This year’s motto was: HEALTH. The Jubilee Picnic was attended by a record number of participants from home and abroad, presenting shows in various fields of science.

The Nencki Institute prepared 3 presentations: Be healthy like an ant! (Lab. Of Ethology), In a healthy body, healthy brain ... (PhD Students Nencki) and Dr. Neuronowski® - an idea for a sharp mind and fluent speech! (Lab. of  Neuropsychology).

The first show presented fragments of ant colonies grown in observational slots. Visitors were able to observe social interactions between laborers and hear the explanations which and how these interactions contribute to the fight against infectious diseases of the ants. This information was also summarized on the posters.

The presentation In a healthy body, healthy mind ... allowed people who are interested to submit a three-dimensional model of the brain and find out what are the functions of its various components. The ways in how to ensure the well-functioning of the brain, even in its later years were also presented. Volunteers received Cerebral Caps with the outline of individual brain structures and their task was to properly complement the names of structures and their functions. Guests took the ready caps with them back home - they made it easy to store information on the functional anatomy of the brain.

Dr. Neuronowski®- idea for a sharp mind and fluent speech! is the active participation in the presented computer games, comprising the innovative therapeutic program "Dr. Neuronowski®" "( The program developed in collaboration with the Nencki Institute Lab. of Neuropsychology and company Harpo is improving the mind of children and adults, including seniors. It improves memory, attention, speech, planning, responsiveness and decision making. Volunteers received a certificate for the gaining basic skills in this.

The D26 tent was visited by more than 4000 guests.

This year, as before, online participants ( could watch the Picnic in real time. All participants who visited the 20. Picnic – organisers, hosts and guests promised to return next year.

Date of publication
4 May 2016