Two grants to the Nencki Institute under the COST program

Two grants to the Nencki Institute under the COST program

Two projects carried out at the Nencki Institute, have received funding under the COST program:

"TRANSLACORE", entitled “Translational Control in Cancer,"  is carried out in a consortium of which member is Dr. Paulina Podszywałow-Bartnicka from the Cytometry Laboratory.


"PRESTO", entitled „P2X receptors as a therapeutic opportunity” is implemented in a consortium of which Prof. Mariusz Więckowski, head of the Laboratory of Mitochondrial Biology and Metabolism, is a member.

COST is the longest-running European program supporting networking opportunities for researchers and innovators in order to strengthen Europe’s capacity to address scientific, technological, and societal challenges.

The goal of the project, with the acronym TRANSLACORE, is to better understand the contribution of the translational control process to cancer development and to develop new therapeutic strategies. The project involves bringing together the expertise of European representatives from various academia, physicians, policymakers, patient associations, and industry collaborations to create an educational platform and ensure faster technology transfer.

Research groups from twenty European countries are participating in the project, including Prof. Marek Tchórzewski's group from Maria Sklodowska-Curie University in Lublin. The project leader is Dr. Jean-Jacques Diaz of Claude Bernard University in Lyon.

The PRESTO project aims not only to better understand the role of P2X receptors in the pathogenesis of selected diseases but also to establish criteria for the use of P2X receptors as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and to accelerate the transfer of knowledge about these receptors to clinical applications.

The project involves research groups from twenty European countries as well as Brazil and Tunisia. The project leader is Dr. Elena Adinolfi of the University of Ferrara. The scientific cooperation will be carried out within the framework of "The European Cooperation in Science and Technology - COST" action.


Date of publication
22 July 2022