BIO-FILM project at the Nencki institute

On June 9th, 2014, at the Nencki Institute the last screening of the nature films was shown under the BIO-FILM. We presented 5 movies awarded during the 15 International Wlodzimierz Puchalski Festival of Nature Films in Lodz.

- “Finland (Wild Scandinavia)” directed by Oliver Goetzl – Grand Prix

- "Astonishing European Butterflies and Moths” directed by Nathalie Truchet and Yves Lanceau

- "Life in Hell – Survivors of Darkness” directed by Thierry Berrod

- "Born to Fly” directed by Jo Stewart-Smith (photo Toby Hough)

- "Forest Lands” directed by „Żubry Collective” formation

The next edition of the BIO-FILM project will be held at the end of year 2014.

18 June 2014