Kestrels nesting in the Nencki Institute, Warsaw, Poland

This year 6 eggs were laid in the end of March. Hatching proceeded 25-27.05.2013. At the beginning we observed 6 chicks, but since 10 days later we observe only 5 chicks. During the first week kestrel chicks are feed by the female with the prey (voles in this nest) captured by the male and brought to the nest. Female tears small parts of the vole and gives it to the chicks. After two week chicks start cutting the prey and eating by themselves. This is the time when they also stat to fledge. In the fifth week after hatching they will learn to fly and will leave nest. Parents will teach them hunting for a month or two and then will leave them.
Since 15 years camera placed behind the nest registers the whole breeding seasons. Two scientific papers were written from these data.

Observations of kestrels are possible after entering the link:

13 June 2013