PhD students from the Nencki Institute among the laureates of the ETIUDA competition

Among the laureates of the ETIUDA competition, announced by the NCN on 19th December, 2014, two PhD students from the Nencki Institute were included


- mgr Maria Bierzyńska from the Laboratory of Neuroplasticity, headed by prof. Małgorzata Kossut


The project entitled “Linking individual differences in temperament and brain resting state activity” focuses on comparisons between groups characterized by contrasting values on one of two dimensions: emotional reactiveness and activity – as defined by Regulatory Theory of Temperament (RTT, 1974). The magnetic resonance data will be analyzed using a wide range of method identifying anatomical, functional differences, including various network (DMN) – functional connectivity measures. Etiuda II scholarship will enable the cooperation with one of the leading scientists in resting-state fMRI field.


- mgr Marcel Falkiewicz from the Laboratory of Psychophysiology, headed by prof. Anna Grabowska


The aim of the project entitled "Neurobiological and cognitive correlates of deception in social context" is to verify contemporary hypotheses about causes of increased costs of lying compared to truth-telling.

27 June 2014