The Nencki Institute at the Scientific Picnic in Olsztyn

On the 27th June, in Olsztyn's old town the Scientific Picnic "Science is also Art" was held. Picnic was organized by the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research PAS. The purpose of the picnic was to promote Polish Academy of Sciences. Nencki PhD students conducted a series of workshops under the heading "Biology in the kitchen".

The first one of them enabled participants personal  isolation of DNA from fruit, using simple tools such as utensils and kitchenware, table salt, washing up liquid, which can all be found in every kitchen.

To conduct the second workshop cabbage juice as an indicator of pH was used and our quests observed changes in its color under the influence of baking soda, an agent for unclogging pipes, lemon juice, cola and carbonated water.

Visitors could also familiarize themselves with the properties of non-Newtonian fluids.

The presented shows were very popular especially among the youngest participants of the picnic, who often returned to repeat the experiments.

07 July 2015