Polish Innovative Neuromedicine Platform “InnoNeuroMed”

On 17th March, 2015 representatives of major research institutions and pharmaceutical companies signed an agreement at the Nencki Institute for the creation of the first Polish Innovative Neuromedicine Platform "InnoNeuroMed" The agreement increases the chances of obtaining EU funds for the implementation of projects related to the development neuromedicine, the development of new drugs and diagnostic methods.


Polish Innovative Neuromedicine Platform "InnoNeuroMed"is the first of its kind in our country of a Technological Platform connecting scientists and entrepreneurs in the field of neuromedicine, neurobiology and pharmacy. The initiators of its formation are prof. Leszek Kaczmarek, head of the Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology of the Nencki Institute, prof. Adam Szewczyk, director of the Institute, and Dr. Maciej Wieczorek, Chairman of the Board of Celon Pharma SA. The newly formed initiative aims to increase the importance of modern neuromedicine within the European economy.


Among the founding members of the platform are: the Nencki Institute of the Experimental Biology PAS in Warsaw, Institute of Pharmacology PAS in Kraków, Mossakowski medical Research Centre PAS in Warsaw, Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw, Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, Medical University of Gdansk, Medical University of Lublin, Medical University of Łódź, Warsaw Medical University, Celon Pharma S.A., ADR Sp. z. o.o., Genexo Sp. z. o.o., OncoArendi Therapeutics Sp. z. o.o., Polpharma S.A., Selvita S.A.

20 March 2015